Nordics Outsourcing Team

Highly-Qualified Dedicated Development & Testing Teams

Our proven track record of establishing dedicated teams for enterprises in the Nordics, have enabled us to create a framework ensuring successful long-term relationships with our clients. Your Dedicated Team is a group of professional software engineers, understanding your business priorities & recognizing how to effectively respond to your goals
Key Characteristics
100% Dedicated Resources
Talent Acquisition based on your Requirements
Transparent Communications & Processes
Full-Time Employee Basis
Long-term Relationship
Annually Renewable Partnership
Privacy, Confidentiality & Data Security
Termination of Contract upon Request with no Fees
Selected Projects
Electronic Document Management Platform

2014 – present

Provision of development services for a web platform which manages confidential business documents & data provided as SaaS through internet and mobile devices to customers of Admincontrol AS in 7 northern and central European countries
Academic Course-packs' for Digital Content Delivery

2012 – 2013 initial contract / technical support and new contracts till today

The innovative and advanced System for the management and selling of academic literature publishing rights for the Norwegian academic community named Tiril is considered to be the most sophisticated system in the world. The system calculates copyright costs, charges university institutions, etc.
Multinational Paint Manufacturer System

2016 & 2017

Development & maintenance of an information system for registering color mixing machines, collecting and providing summarized projection of sales information for a Norwegian based multinational paint manufacturer
Creation & Management of Online Surveys

2013 & 2014

Development of a multi threaded application for the collection and analysis of reports from online surveys for the Norwegian company QuestBack, which aims to provide companies with information that exploits the understanding of different market segments behavior to improve their performance
Strong Reputation

Having a strong reputation as a reliable employer in the local Greek market, we guarantee fast recruiting according to your specific requirements

Embed in Product Team

Our dedicated developers can be embedded in your product team, participate in daily Scrum meetings over the web and travel to your location whenever required

Project Control

The Dedicated Team approach provides full control over technological & management decisions made according to customers project needs & business objectives

Accelerated Productivity

All back office operations are handled by Dataverse team, while our customer manages the project

 Achieving High Performance by Delivering Unique Benefits

A Dedicated Team is an excellent solution if you need complete control over the human & technological resources involved in the software development process