Big Data & Business Analytics

Investment in Technology & Future Capabilities, which is Transformed into new Products

Our Expertise
Market Analysis
Information about target-group & product or service, SWOT Analysis, firm’s planning & promotional activities etc
Business - Oriented Development
Enterprise architecture approach for designing & implementing strategically aligned business models
We collaborate with universities & partner companies with a view to turning new business ideas into products as quickly as possible
Improving your Productivity with Technology
Our strong and common academic background*, as well as our firm belief in the value of innovation have been the driving forces in our R&D efforts
Why Us?
Technology Strategy

We provide programs & resources to help you adopt & use information & communications technologies in your business

Strong Academic Background

All the engineers that founded Dataverse in 2007, graduated in the mid to late nineties & collaborated as post graduate students or PhD candidates in the Polytechnic School of the Univeristy of Patras

Innovation Resources

We leverage the research & development efforts of others to further develop or commercialize technologies or applications

Project Strategy

We explore the many resources that can help you design new offerings or improve your existing products, services, and procedures

IT Products
Research & Development for the creation of innovative IT products
A system for the electronic management, distribution, digital signing of documents & execution of related document & case workflows
An artificial intelligence based system for the optimization of fuel consumption in heavy vehicles through monitoring and analysis of driving behavior
A cloud based Property & Channel & Bookings Management, offering digital services to small & medium lodging facilities & hotels
A web social platform for the development & experience of 3D virtual art exhibitions