Enterprise Grade Software Products

Accelerating Business Performance by Driving Strategic Efficiency

 We provide you with the capacity to scale up your product development strategy, thereby ensuring shorter development life-cycles, enhanced quality & lower development cost & associated risks. Our offering supplies product companies with scalable teams of professional engineers, supported by extensive methodologies & tools, such as:
Methodologies & Development Tools
Customer-centric Design

We ensure that development is tied to your business outcomes, placing high priorities on quality, on-time delivery, product reliability & response time

Collaborative Environment

Our engagement models are flexible, effective & adaptive to ensure long-term relationships, optimal cost structure & improved quality

Innovative Product Engineering

Our strong technical expertise places our offering on the cutting edge of evolving technologies, adopting advances such as Software as a Service (SaaS)

Critical Areas
Meeting the unique needs of industry-leading enterprises & major public organizations to solve complex business &
e-Government challenges in a number of critical areas, such as:
Web Enterprise Content Management Systems
Business Process, Workflow, Case Management & Business Intelligence Systems
Advanced Document Management & Digital Signatures Solutions
Customer/Citizens Relationship Management
e-Travel/e-Tourism Solutions for Destination Management Organizations
Management, Preservation & Promotion of Cultural Heritage Assets
Selected Projects
A Web Platform & Mobile App for the Promotion of the City Tourism in Athens


The web platform of trip2athens.com is a complete online system that provides digital content in 7 languages for 3500 attractions, businesses and tourist activities and a multitude of interactive location based services through which the interested visitor can do everything to prepare and support his trip digitally from the moment he starts till his return (trip planner) by making online reservations
Virtual Tours & Implementation of Digital Apps using AR technology to Promote the Castles of Peloponnese


The web platform ecastles.culture.gr includes embedded digital content in 2 languages for 20 castles of the Peloponnese enriched with a lot of photos, 3D virtual tours in 3D representations, 360ᵒ photos and panoramic views
Presentation of National Gallery, branch of Corfu


A web platform & mobile apps for the presentation of the National Gallery, which includes interactive multimedia guides, educational games, crowd sourcing apps, mobile app companion etc
A Destination Management System for the Promotion of Religious Tourism


An online system that provides digital content in 5 languages for 300 cultural heritage sites and a total of 1,200 tourist attractions, activities, experiences and tourist businesses as well as a variety of applications and subsystems

Leveraging Extensive ICT Knowledge & Solid Reputation

Our strong technology expertise in a variety of industries along with our engineers’ strong desire to develop sophisticated solutions for leading global enterprises, we help our clients address the business challenges they face