UI/UX Design Engineering

We Solve Problems & Turn Abstract Concepts into Reality

By focusing on peoples’ needs first, we deliver value to end users as well as positive business impact. We collaborate with our clients to create a digital expression of their brand, organization or business. We think a lot about how people interact onlinewith each other, with sites, content & different devices
Core Components
We tie strategic services into all aspects of our design process & our design offering is comprised of:
Research & Synthesis

Early in a project, we conduct preliminary research in the form of interviews, surveys and other kinds of analysis in order to learn how to best serve our users

Information Architecture

We define a new site navigation model & new ways of describing content so that users can find what they need, regardless of the platform they are using


We follow this process to include all features and structural assumptions as rough sketches with the use of tools, like Balsamiq or pencil & paper

UI/UX Design

Our user-centered design approach ensures that we understand the audience by creating products that create an engaging & memorable user experience, leaving a lasting impression on users

Prototyping & Testing

We present our solution in business representatives and/or the end users, in order to understand how they will interact with the product and maximize user engagement & satisfaction

Mobile First & Interaction Design

We are experts in mobile-first development, resulting in user experiences that work on any device, anywhere, at any time. We create microinteractions to encourage users to actually interact

Selected Projects
A Web Platform & Mobile App for the Promotion of the City Tourism in Athens


The web platform of trip2athens.com is a complete online system that provides digital content in 7 languages for 3500 attractions, businesses and tourist activities and a multitude of interactive location based services through which the interested visitor can do everything to prepare and support his trip digitally from the moment he starts till his return (trip planner) by making online reservations
A digital app using AR technology , to promote the Castles of Peloponnese with VR tours


The web platform ecastles.culture.gr includes embedded digital content in 2 languages for 20 castles of the Peloponnese enriched with a lot of photos, 3D virtual tours in 3D representations, 360ᵒ photos and panoramic views
Presentation of National Gallery, branch of Corfu


A web platform & mobile apps for the presentation of the National Gallery, which includes interactive multimedia guides, educational games, crowd sourcing apps, mobile app companion etc
A Destination Management System for the Promotion of Religious Tourism


An online system that provides digital content in 5 languages for 300 cultural heritage sites and a total of 1,200 tourist attractions, activities, experiences and tourist businesses as well as a variety of applications and subsystems

 Driving Value through Human-Centered Design

User experience is a sum total of many contributors; the collaborative result of many decisions starting at the point of defining the problem we are solving