Document, Case and Digital Signatures Management System
A low cost, effective management and dissemination platform of digital and printed documents, for organizations, institutions and companies
Citizen-Centric Software
An innovative technological platform that implements a modern, open architecture focused on usability. It follows an end-user oriented design & implementation philosophy with regard to the way that different pieces of functionality are offered to users of different roles & positions within the organization
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Transition to Paperless & Inkless Office
There is fully electronic distribution of documents & transition to a paperless office. A rapid processing of issues & documents – optimal response to the external environment & a significant reduction in the administrative & management costs that may exceed 1000€ annually per employee
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Potential Market
Public Organizations
All companies & authorities of the central government
Service Companies
All consultants, technical offices
& law firms
Local Government Authorities
At local/regional level, with an analogous customized version
Banking & Insurance
All banking & insurance sector organizations
Hospital & Institutions
All healthcare & pharmaceutical industries
Any Company/Organization
Their operations based on management & distribution of
Document Management
Management of registration and assignment of protocol number. Registration of document which includes digital copy of the document and binary files for all document attachments and related documents
Case Management
Our platform offers a complete solution for folder/case management, according to the needs of the specific organization
Workflow Management
Management of hierarchically structured organizational units of users, roles & permissions, management of reference metadata (such as subject, tags, lists of signers, etc.) & e-Distribution of digital documents
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