An Efficient Framework for Building Adaptive Case Management Systems

The perfect tool for the implementation of Process Centric Solutions to Business Process Management problems or opportunities. FrameSolutions is developed & sold by Computas AS . Dataverse is a FrameSolutions integrator & a licensed distributor for the EMEA region.  It has an extended user base in Norway (more than 25.000 licensed users) & is being used in ACM projects in various countries
Business Process Management
Business Process Management (BPO) involves the formal documentation & description of various processes that are executed within an organization. Some are well defined & structured, such as mass production processes, while others can be defined in a less structured & definite manner. Automating BPM helps take faster better decisions, as well as better understanding & improving the processes themselves
Adaptive Case Management
Adaptive Case Management (ACM) Systems are a new generation of BPM Systems, that belong to the human process centric class of BPMs. Their main differentiator is their adaptivity in managing complex, highly unpredictable processes. They focus on handling cases & are quite efficient in cases where the knowledge & experience of the human factor, play a dominant role in the decision taking process
The everyday Work Tool of the Knowledge Worker
ACM systems form an umbrella system, within which functionality & data of existing IT infrastructure in the organization can be exploited and integrated in the everyday work of the organization’s knowledge workers